Wir sind Deutschlands Technologie Task-Force und machen die Bundesregierung und Verwaltung in Digitalisierung fit!

Tech4Germany is a dedicated team of young tech professionals working under Germany’s Federal Chief of Staff.

The Tech4Germany digital transformation fellowship pairs talented technologists with top civil servants working at the highest levels of the federal government to tackle some of Germany’s biggest challenges.

Take on responsibility!
Create value for society in innovative ways by working in agile teams. You will be supported by high-ranking mentors with vast experience at Google or McKinsey, for example.

Make personal contacts
Meet leaders in government and tech on a weekly basis and take part in excursions and field trips. Last year, for example, we were invited to Tallinn by Estonia's CIO, Siim Sikkut.

Have fun at work
Du wirst mit 28 Fellows in einem innovativen Co-Working Space arbeiten. Wir bieten Stipendien und die Kosten für Exkursionen & die Reise nach Berlin werden übernommen.


In our projects, we combine the two strongest levers to help people on a large scale: government and technology.

Project is the auction platform of the federal government. It has approximately 20 million monthly visitors, who buy cars, laptops, and other goods from authorities. The Tech4Germany team has redesigned the old-fashioned auction site, putting the user first. Using personas, paper prototypes, wire frames, interviews, etc., the aim was to create a user-friendly site, introduce UX research into administration and make the website design transferable to other federal sites.

Project Nutzerkonto Bund

With the Nutzerkonto Bund, the future one-stop government portal, interactions with the authorities should happen the same way as it does with online banking: An account with all the information through which forms can be submitted with a single click. Tech4Germany has worked on a first login and data transfer prototype. The team has put together a disruptive proposal on how the federal government, together with the federal states, can create a central platform that makes every citizen-state transaction user-friendly. That means no more long waiting at public authorities!

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What people say

We need outstanding talents who dare to tackle Germany's greatest technological challenges. Change lives through the use of technology!

Tech4Germany ist eine Digitalisierungsinitiative unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bundesminister und Chef des Kanzleramts Helge Braun.

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